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Geography Advantage

Langfang, as the core of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, has a unique regional advantage and is located between Beijing and Tianjin. The developed transport network makes Langfang more closer to the outside world. The new Beijing airport, which is due to be completed as a super-engineering project, is giving wings to Langfang's takeoff, and the creation of Xiong’an New Area, which will allow Langfang to truly enter the fast track of development.By holding an elevator exhibition in Langfang, it will undoubtedly put the exhibitors at the forefront of the national development, exploring more business opportunities and finding the best partners in the context of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration. Looking forward to the elite of the elevator industry, which will converge in Langfang in 2019!

High Speed Railway 

The Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Langfang Station is located on the south side of Langfang Station of Jingshan Railway (formerly known as South Station) and has a central range of 60km+593m. It will take up to 21min to reach Beijing (22 trains per day), 18min to reach Tianjin (10 trains per day), less than 3h to reach Xuzhou, 4.5h to reach Qingdao, 5h to reach Shanghai, 10h to reach Xia’men. Convenient transportation provides a strong guarantee for the development of elevator industry and trade! 

Sea-Land-Air-Rail Traffic Network 

Langfang, between Beijing and Tianjin, is the only city to operate three international airports in an -hour-long traffic circle, with the Beijing Capital International Airport to the north, Beijing’s new airport to the west and Tianjin Binhai International Airport to the south. Two general airports will also be built, making it very easy to establish sea-land-air-rail three-dimensional traffic network. And the Beijing new airport, which is 26 kilometers from Langfang, will give Langfang a further edge in its location. At the same time, Langfang’s infrastructure and service has also been developed more rapidly, which help the development of the elevator industry in Langfang.