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Driving Route:

1)Route from Langfang Expressway junction to the Exhibition Center: Expressway Junction→Chuangye Road→Jinyuan Road→ Youyi Road → Exhibition Center.

2)Route fromLangfang West Expressway to theExhibition center: ExpresswayJunction L77 Provincial Highway→Westring Road→North-ring Road→Yinhe-north Road→Xiangyun Road→Exhibition Center.

Bus Route:

Langfang Station: Take no. 28 and no. 35 to the South Gate of the Exhibition Center, get off and walk for 265 meters. Langfang North Station: Take no.12 Qiyuan New District, get off and walk for 595 meters;

Langfang North Station: Take no.16 bus to the South Gate of the Exhibition Center, get off and walk 265 meters.

Bus From Capital Airport to Langfang :

1. Departure Station of Capital Airport: Take the Beijing to Langfang airport bus from gate 1 on the first floor of terminal 3 of capital airport or gate 15 on the first floor of terminal 2 of capital airport. Departure Time: 10:30, 13:45, 16:45, 20:30. Contact Number: 010-64558718

2. Langfang Departure Station: Langfang Coach Terminal (address: 63 Jiefang Road) or Langfang Coach Terminal Development Zone Sub-station (address: 12 Huaxiang Road), take Langfang to Beijing airport bus, departure time: 7:30, 10:00, 13:45, 17:30, about two hours' drive; Contact Number: 0316-2012427, 2012755, 6069767

Langfang Station Train Schedule